Karl Wimmer

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
email: the seven characters after the tilde in the URL, followed by AT andrew DOT cmu DOT edu

About Me

I am a recent PhD graduate of the ACO program at Carnegie Mellon University. I came to CMU in 2004 after getting my undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.


KKL, Kruskal-Katona, and monotone nets
with Ryan O'Donnell
  FOCS 2009

New results for random walk learning
with Jeff Jackson
  COLT 2009

Testing Fourier dimensionality and sparsity
with Parikshit Gopalan, Ryan O'Donnell, Rocco Servedio, and Amir Shpilka
  ICALP 2009

Polynomial regression under arbitrary product spaces
with Eric Blais and Ryan O'Donnell
  COLT 2008, Invited to Machine Learning Journal

Approximation by DNF: Examples and counterexamples
with Ryan O'Donnell
  ICALP 2007

Courses taken

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