Hello. I am Felix Weilacher, a fifth year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. Here is a current CV. I can be reached at fweilach@andrew.cmu.edu.



Borel versions of the Local Lemma and LOCAL algorithms for graphs of finite asymptotic separation index, preprint (with Anton Bernshteyn)

Computable vs Descriptive Combinatorics of Local Problems on Trees, Journal of Symbolic Logic

Descriptive Combinatorics, Computable Combinatorics, and ASI Algorithms, preprint (with Long Qian)

Definable Kőnig Theorems, Proceedings of the AMS (to appear) (with Matt Bowen)

Borel Edge Colorings for Finite Dimensional Groups, Israel Journal of Mathematics (to appear)

Descriptive Chromatic Numbers of Locally Finite and Everywhere Two Ended Graphs, Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics

Marked Groups with Isomorphic Cayley Graphs but Different Borel Combinatorics, Fundamenta Mathematicae,


Definable Vizing Theorems (with Long Qian)

Measure Asymptotic Separation Index and Hyperfiniteness

Borel Vizing's Theorem for 2-Ended Groups


I am working on formalizing some descriptive set theory in Lean theorem prover.