I moved to KTH Royal Institute of Technology in January, 2019. This website will be defunct soon. Until my new account at KTH is ready, you can contact me at mynamemylastname at gmail.

Elnur Emrah

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Wean Hall 7124 (recently changed)
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
eemrah at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Welcome to my homepage at Carnegie Mellon University. I presently hold a postdoctoral position in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

I work in the field of probability theory with a broad interest in analysis of stochastic models that fall into the conjectural KPZ universality class.

Before coming to Pittsburgh, I was a graduate student advised by Timo Seppäläinen at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Here is my CV last updated on May 7, 2018.

Limit shape and fluctuations for exactly solvable inhomogeneous corner growth models

Limit shapes for inhomogeneous corner growth models with exponential and geometric weights
Large deviations for some corner growth models with inhomogeneity (with Chris Janjigian)

Fluctuations of the corner growth model with geometric weights

Fall 2016: 21-325. Probability.
Spring 2017: 21-355. Real Analysis I.
Fall 2017: 21-370. Discrete-Time Finance.
Spring 2018: 21-111. Differential Calculus.
Fall 2018: 21-370. Discrete-Time Finance.