Cody Johnson

About Me

I'm a math and computer science undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. I have a passion for math and computer science competitions, like Putnam, IMC, and Codeforces. I also do a lot web development for all of my big projects.


Carnegie Mellon University, May 2019
BS + MS in Mathematics
BS in Computer Science
(list of coursework)


  • Taskuda - Teaser for Taskuda, an iPhone app I developed with four other students at CMU.
  • USMCA - Website for USMCA, an association that I founded of all the college-run math competitions like CMIMC, PUMaC, and HMMT. On this website, we share all the technology we made for organizing CMIMC (problem database, registration system, etc.) with the other colleges.
  • CMIMC - Website for CMIMC, a math competition that I founded that CMU students host for high school students.
  • Putnam Seminar - My own personal course webpage/blog for when I was a Putnam Seminar TA, one of the biggest and most culturally important classes in the math department.