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Abstract Algebra (Math 330) for SPS — Fall 2019

Welcome to Math 330! This is an introductory course in abstract algebra. We will begin by getting to grips with the tools and techniques of group theory. Groups arise anywhere that there is symmetry, which it turns out is... everywhere, both within mathematics (e.g. in geometry and number theory) and outside of mathematics (e.g. in cryptography and chemistry). We will then turn our attention to other areas of abstract algebra—there is lots of flexibility over what we can cover, including ring theory, number fields, Galois theory, or even applications of group theory to cryptography.

Most administrative aspects of the course will be handled using Canvas.

Time and place. Th 6:15–9:15pm in Lunt Hall 105, every week from 26th September to 12th December, but not 28th November.

Assessments. There will be weekly problem sheets (due Tuesdays on Canvas), quizzes during most classes, and a final examination during the last class session on Thursday 12th December.