DIR3 User's Guide

To use DIR3, simply run dir3 followed by the name of the .plc file which specifies the input, without the extension. This file should be in the current directory. For example, to refine the file named box.plc, you run:

dir3 box

An alternative method for running is given in the make system. From the top DIR3 directory, you may run the following alternative command.

make run f=box

This command will refines the PLC file data/box/box.plc. For this to work, notice that the directory name and file name must match. If the code runs successfully, it should produce output very similar to that shown below.

Begin processing file: box

Reading Configuration File.
Input: Reading Data From box.plc
Step 0: Inserting All Input Points
Step 1a: Split Edges at 1/3 Length
Step 1b: Approximate fs_1
Step 2a: Split All Segments
Step 2b: Approximate lfs
Step 2c: Insert Collar
Step 3: Create Conforming Quality Mesh
Number of Points Inserted: 925
Printing Mesh Summary.

Finished processing file: box
Total Time: 0.81

This should also produce some ouput file in the same directory as duck.plc. Depending on your configuration setup, this may include:

box.log - detail on the results of the run.
box.tplc - a TPLC file containing complete information on the refined mesh.
box-out.off - an OFF file containing the 1D and 2D features.

Configuration options for the program are passed through the file config.txt. This allows the user to set the circumradius-shortest edge threshhold, a global sizing parameter, which output files to generate and some other options. A list of available parameters is given here.

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