DIR3 and Finite Element Codes

DIR3 can be used as a mesh generator for the finite element method. Here are examples demonstrating the use of DIR3 with two different FEM codes.


The simpleFem package is easy to use finite element code for solving Poisson's equation in two and three dimensions. Meshes can be supplied to this code either through the .tplc format produced by DIR3 or by internally calling DIR3 to generate the mesh from a .plc file and interfacing DIR3 directly. For comparison, simpleFem solves 2D problems using meshes produced Triangle.

simpleFem-1.0.tgz (180 kB, 11-3-2009)

simpleFem has been written in C++ by Noel Walkington.


DIR3 can produce output suitable for use with FreeFem++. Using the following line in the appropriate DIR3 configuration file will cause DIR3 to produce a .mesh file compatible with DIR3.

PrintFreeFem yes

The file dir3ForFreeFem.tgz (392 kB, 11-1-2009) contains a sample FreeFem++ script and .mesh files produced by DIR3 which are identical to those in the simpleFem examples. Also included are the original .plc and .cfg files used to produced the .mesh files.

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