Configuration Options

Epsilon = (double, 1.0e-9)
Set a threshold for numerical zero. 

Infinity = (double, 1.0e9)
Set a threshold for numerical infinity. 

BoundingBoxRatio = (double, 8.0)
Sets the size of the bounding box in which the mesh will be generated.  Use at least 6.

MaxRadiusEdgeRatio = (double, 2.5)
Max circumradius-shortest edge ratio allowed.  For termination, use a value larger than 2. 

MaxSliverAngle = (double, 0.0)
Minimum angle allowed.  Slivers with angles smaller than this option will be refined.  For values larger than 0, Ruppert's algorithm has not been proven to terminate. 

= (double, -1)
This is a user specified size parameter.  The final mesh will contain no tetrahedron with circumradius larger than the specified value.

Step2aSplitFactor = (0/2/4)
This determines if the algorithm splits segments in half (2), fourths (4), or not at all (0) in Step 2a.  The proofs only apply for a split factor of 4, but in practice, splitting only in half has never prevented the algorithm from terminating.  Using the value 0 often causes the algorithm to fail. 

MaxIterations =  (int, -1)
Maximum number of iterations allowed during each step of the refinement.

ExactInsphere = (yes/no)
Use exact insphere predicates.

LazyVertexProtection = (yes/no)
Attempt to avoid protecting certain acute input vertices.

PrintTPLC = (yes/no)
Print a .tplc file with the final mesh. 

PrintOFF =  (yes/no)
Print an OFF file with the resulting mesh. 

PrintFreeFEM = (yes/no)
Print a .mesh file with the resulting mesh. which can be used with freeFEM++.

PrintIntermediate = (yes/no)
If yes, then output files will be generated after each step of the algorithm. 

PrintMonochrome = (yes/no)
If yes, output OFF files have a single color.  Otherwise, difference faces are given different colors. 

ColorCollar = (yes/no)
If yes, the collar triangles will be collared white in OFF output.

Verbose = (yes/no)
Turn verbose output mode in the .log file on or off.

RemoveBoundingBox = (yes/no)
If this option is set to yes, the algorithm will remove tetrahedron associated with the bounding box after processing.  This will remove all of the tetrahedron if the input is not "watertight".