21-804 Mathematical Logic Seminar
Organizer: Rami Grossberg (Rami@cmu.edu)
M 4:30 - 6:00 PM
Wean 6423
12 Units

The purpose of the seminar is to offer a forum for discussion of some recent developments in mathematical logic. We concentrate in the areas of Model Theory and Set Theory. We have weekly two hour meetings where faculty and students present papers (typically not authored by local people) at the level which is appropriate for the participants (assume not much more than a first graduate course in mathematical logic). It is possible to take this seminar for credit, and in order to get a grade you will have to present at least one paper (usually 3 - 5 lectures). You may also be interested to participate passively (without giving a talk - not for credit). The structure is like a sequence of several mini-courses. Every few weeks the topic will be changed, and often the subjects of discussion are independent.

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Last modified: September 13th, 2001