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Conferences and Workshops

Department Conferences and Workshops

Appalachian Set Theory Workshop Series
Appalachian Set Theory is a workshop series sponsored by the National Science Foundation through conference grants to CMU. For details about past and future events, please see the AST webpage.

CNA Conferences and Workshops

CNA-KiNet Workshop
Dynamics and Geometry from High Dimensional Data
Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Mathematical Sciences, March 14–16, 2017
Organizers: Nicolás García-Trillos, Mauro Maggioni, Hayden Schaeffer, Dejan Slepčev, and Matthew Thorpe

CNA Conference in honor of David Kinderlehrer's 75th birthday
Topics in Applied Nonlinear Analysis: Recent Advances and New Trends
Carnegie Mellon University, July 18-20, 2016
Organizers: Maria Emelianenko, Yekaterina Epshteyn, Irene Fonseca, Michał Kowalczyk, Chun Liu, Pablo Pedregal, Dejan Slepčev, Adrian Tudorascu

PIRE-CNA 2016 Summer School
New Frontiers in Nonlinear Analysis for Materials
Center for Nonlinear Analysis, Carnegie Mellon University, June 2-10, 2016
Organizers: Irene Fonseca, Giovanni Leoni, Stefan Müller, Christoph Ortner

PIRE NYU-Oxford Workshop
Mathematical Models of Defects and Patterns
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, January 5-8, 2016
Organizers: Robert V. Kohn, John M. Ball, Giovanni Leoni, Peter Palffy-Muhoray

Ki-Net–CNA Workshop
Groups and interactions in data, networks and biology
Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Mathematical Sciences, May 27-29, 2015
Organizers: Robert Pego, Dejan Slepčev and Eitan Tadmor

PIRE Workshop
From Grain Boundaries to Stochastic Homogenization
University of Leipzig, Germany, July 20-23, 2015
Organizers: Irene Fonseca, Richard James, Stephan Luckhaus, Felix Otto and Peter Smereka

PIRE Workshop
Atomistic and Multi-Scale Models of Materials
University of Warwick, United Kingdom, September 15-18, 2014
Organizers: Giovanni Leoni, Christoph Ortner and Florian Theil

Evolution Problems for Material Defects: Dislocations, Plasticity, and Fracture
SISSA, Trieste (Italy), September 30-October 4, 2013
Organizers: Gianni Dal Maso, Antonio DeSimone, Irene Fonseca, and Felix Otto

2013 CNA Summer School
Topics in Nonlinear PDEs and Calculus of Variations, and Applications in Materials Science
Center for Nonlinear Analysis, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, May 30–June 7, 2013

Math Workshops Spring 2013
Course and Syllabus Design
Thursday, April 11, 4:30-6:30, Wean Hall 7218
Teaching Problem Solving
Thursday, April 25, 4:30-6:30, Wean Hall 7218

Previous CNA Conferences and Workshops

CCF Conferences

Summer School and Workshop on Equilibrium Theory
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, June 12–15, 2017
Organizers: Kasper Larsen and Scott Robertson

Conference in honor of Steve Shreve's 65th birthday
Methods of Mathematical Finance
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, June 1–5, 2015
Organizers: Dmitry Kramkov, Kasper Larsen, Scott Robertson, and H. Mete Soner

Nash Lecture Series

Heath Lecture Series