Web Structure and Algorithms Calendar

Feb 9
Abie Flaxman
High degree vertices and eigenvalues in the preferential attachment model
Flaxman, Fenner, Frieze
Feb 16
Presidents' Day (no class)

Feb 23
Sandeep Pandey
Classifying special interest groups in web graphs
Colin Cooper
Mar 1
Ian Kash

Taka Osogami
Protocols and Impossibility Results for Gossip-Based Communication Mechanisms
J. Kleinberg
Spatial gossip and resource location protocols
Kempe, Kleinberg, and Demers
Mar 8
Spring Break (no class)

Mar 15
Peter Richter

Kelley Burgin
Authoritative sources in a hyperlinked environment
J. Kleinberg
Directed Scale-Free Graphs
Mar 22
Barbara Anthony

Latife Genc Kaya
Graph Clustering Techniques based on Minimum Cut Trees
Gary Flake, K. Tsioutsiouliklis, R.E. Tarjan
Learning to order things
William W. Cohen, Robert E. Schapire, and Yoram Singer
Optimizing Search Engines Using Clickthrough Data
T. Joachims
Mar 29
Pall Melsted

Adam Wierman
Hub-authority web-graphs
Colin Cooper
The small world Phenomenon: An Algorithmic Perspective
Jon Kleinberg
Apr 5
Teresa Maria Sousa
Collective dynamics of "small-world" networks
D. J. Watts and S. H. Strogatz, Nature 393,440 (1998)
Exactly solvable analogy of small-world networks
S. N. Dorogovtsev and J. F. F. Mendes Europhys. Lett. 50 (1) 1-7 (2000)
Apr 12
Prasad Chebolu
Random graphs with arbitrary degree distributions and their applications
M. E. J. Newman, S. H. Strogatz and D. J. Watts
Apr 19
Konstantin Andreev

David Offner
Rank Aggregation Methods for the Web
C. Dwork, R. Kumar, M. Noar, D. Sivakumar
Spectral Analysis of Data
Y Azar, A Fiat, A Karlin, F McSherry, and J Saia
Apr 26
Mike Picollelli

Vijay Krishnamurthy
Detecting a Network Failure
J. Kleinberg
Learning probabilistic models of the web
T. Hofmann

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