Center for Nonlinear Analysis
Frontiers of Applied Analysis
September 8 - 10, 2005
                        Thursday, September 8                       Friday, September 9
Time Room   Time Room  
3:00 - 3:20 A Stanislav Antontsev 3:00-3:20 A Marion Bocea
    Novosibirsk State University     University of Utah
    Parabolic Equations with     Polycrystal Plasticity via Power 
    Anisotropic Non-uniform Degeneracy     Law Asymptotics
  B Sarka Necesova   B Rima Gandlin
    Czech Technical University     Carnegie Mellon University
    On the Steady Fall of a Rigid     Mathematical Challenges in 
    Body in a Viscous Fluid     Contemporary Biology
3:20 - 3:40 A Radu Ignat 3:20 - 3:40 A Adrian Tudorascu
    University of Paris 6     Georgia Institute of Technology
    Optimal Lifting for BV Functions     On constrained Optimization in  
    into S1     the Wasserstein metric
  B Nicola Costanzino   B Maria Emelianenko
    Brown Univ. & Univ. of N. Carolina     Carnegie Mellon University
    High Frequency Planar Stability     A Nonlinear Energy-based 
    Criteria and the Existence of     Multilevel Quantization Scheme
    Curved Multidimensional      
    Inviscid Detonation Waves      
3:40 - 4:15   Coffee Break 3:40 - 4:15   Coffee Break
4:15 - 4:35 A Tunde Jakab 4:15 - 4:35 A Martin Lazar
    University of Missouri   University of Zagreb
    Parabolic nitial Boundary Value     H-measures applied to 
    Problems on Besov Spaces     parabolic equations
  B Melvin Leok   B Honglie Dong
    University of Michigan     University of Minnesota
    Computational Geometric     Rate of Convergence of Finite-
    Mechanics and Control Theory     Difference Approximation
4:35 - 4:55 A An Le 4:35 - 4:55 A Vincent Millot
    University of Utah     Carnegie Mellon University
    Eigenvalue Problems for     Energy with Weight for 
    the p-Laplacian     S2-Valued Maps
  B Sarthok Sircar   B Yekateri Epshteyn
    Florida State University     University of Pittsburgh
    Solutions of the Smoluchowski     Adams-Stolz Deconvolution 
    Equation for Nematic Polymers     LES Models
    Under imposed Fields      
4:55 - 5:15 A Phuc Nguyen 4:55 - 5:15 A Faustino Maestre Caballero
    University of Missouri     Univ. de Castilla-La Mancha
    Quasilinear and Hessian Equations     Explicit quasiconvexification in 
    of Lane-Emden Type     3-D for an optimal design problem
  B Allen Tesdall   B Richard Kollar
    University of California, Davis     University of Michigan
    Self-Similar and Steady Solutions for     Stability of vortices in
    Weak Shock Reflection     Bose-Einstein Condensates
5:15 - 5:35 A Eugen Varvaruca 5:15 - 5:35 A Lorina Varvaruca
    University of Bath     University of Bath
    Singularities for Bernoulli     On the Quasi-convexity of a 
    Free Boundaries     Functional in Nonlinear Elasticity
  B Marko Vrdoljak   B Gal Zahavi
    University of Zagreb     Weizmann Institute
    Optimal Design in Conductivity     Taylor Grid Discretization for 
    Prolems with Multiple States     Evolution Partial Differential
5:35 - 5:55 A Katarina Jegdic/td> 5:35 - 5:55 A Jason Morris
    University of Houston     University of Alabama
    Transonic Regular Reflection for     Nonlinear parabolic PDEs 
    the Nonlinear Wave System     with conditions at infinity
Room A = Singleton Room
Room B = Physical PLant Building 300