21-803 Model Theory III
Rami Grossberg (Rami@cmu.edu)
URL: www.math.cmu.edu/~rami
MWF 3:30-4:20PM, WeH 7201
Starting date: Monday, January , 2013
12 Units

This will be different than courses I offered in recent years. It will not depend on Model theory II.

I will concentrate in classification theory for first-order theories. The theory was developed mostly by Saharon Shelah presented in his 1990 book and in several hundreds of papers.

The American Mathematical Society announced that in January 2013, it will award Shelah the "Steel prize for Seminal Contribution to Reseach" for his 1990 book.

Among the reasons given: "... made model theory into a mature field, completely transforming its aims, methods, and ability to connect to algebra and geometry."

Prerequisites: Elementary model theory (21-603) or permission of the instructor. The pace of presentation will be much faster than in 21-603.

Text: There is no official text.

Some of the material appears in the following books:

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