21-703 Model Theory II - Fall 2001 MWF

Instructor: Rami Grossberg
Office: WEH 7204
Phone: x8482 (268-8482 from external lines), messages at x2545
Email: Rami@cmu.edu
URL: www.math.cmu.edu/~rami
Office Hours: By appointment or whenever else you can find me.

Purpose. This is a second course in model theory. The main topic of discussion will be the forking relation and its basic properties..

Course description. The material to be covered: Shelah's "Forking calculus" will be developed it its outmost generality in the context of simple theories (which is a generalization of stability). The fundamental properties of stable, superstable and simple unstable theories will be developed. The machinarty will be used to solve several model-theoretic problems.

Prerequisites: An introduction to model theory like 21-603.

Text: Rami Grossberg, A course in model theory, a book in preperation.
table of contents (from January 17, 2001). Copy can be purchased from Stella at WeH 6116.

Most of the material (and much more) appears in the following books:

Evaluation: Will be based on homework assignments (20%), a 50 minutes midterm (20%) and a 3 hours inclass comprehensive final written examination (60%).

I will be leaving to Bogota on Tuesday morning (12/04/01) and will return on Sunday (12/16/01) afternoon. In case you have any mathematical or other problems please dicuss them with me before my trip or talk to Alexei Kolesnikov while I am out of town. I suspect that I will not have reliable access to email while away. I apologize for leaving at the end of the semester, but the conference is too important for me not to attend.

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