21-715 Algebra II (Commutative Algebra)

Lecturer: Rami Grossberg

Starting : Spring 1998, MWF 3:30 PM


General: Commutative algebra is essentially the study of commutative rings, it has developed from two sources: algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory. It provides local tools for algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory.


Contents: Will present some of the basic facts of commutative algebra from the geometric point of view. If time permits, I will discuss the theory of normed fields. Most of the course will be based on the following (very short) books:

1. M. Atiyah and I.G. Macdonald, Introduction to Commutative Algebra

2. W. Fulton, Algebraic Curves

The authors (of both books) claim that the books are based on undergraduate courses. Fulton mentions in the introduction to his book that he taught the contents of his book to graduate students in one week. Our pace will be slower than his!

Prerequisites: 21-610 or 21-474.


More information: Contact R. Grossberg WeH 6218 (ext. 8482); Email: Rami@ cmu.edu