BOMMT 2005

These are Thumbnails of pictures people who might be interested. Including photos of some lost logicians in Los Andes and few pictures from the Caicedo fest.
The full jpg files were taken with a 7MP camera and they might be too large (typically 3MB) for dialup.

IMG_0050.JPG IMG_0052.JPG IMG_0053.JPG
IMG_0054.JPG IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0056.JPG
IMG_0057.JPG IMG_0058.JPG IMG_0059.JPG
IMG_0060.JPG IMG_0061.JPG IMG_0062.JPG
IMG_0063.JPG IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0065.JPG
IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0068.JPG
IMG_0069.JPG IMG_0072.JPG IMG_0073.JPG

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