Picture collection: Australia - Places

Photos of many of the places we visited on the Australia trip in 2004.

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Emily Gap

Trephina Sunset

N'Dhala Creek

Near N'Dhala

Trephina camp

Trephina Sunrise

Near Trephina

West Macdonell Ranges

Ormiston Pound

Ormiston Gorge

Near Ormiston

Ormiston dawn

Ormiston tree

Redbank Gorge

Below Redbank

Redbank Gorge 2

Near Redbank

Newhaven campsite

Newhaven saltpan

Newhaven from the Mesa

Sunrise at Newhaven

Newhaven Bore

Newhaven claypan

Mt. Wedge

Desert Oaks


From plane 1

From plane 2

From plane 3

America Bay

America Bay 2

America Bay 3

Mungo Brush 1

Mungo Brush 2

Mungo Brush 3

Mungo Brush 4

Mungo Brush 5

Mungo Brush 6

Mungo Brush 7

Mungo Brush 8

Mungo Brush 9

Mungo Brush 10

Myall River Sunset

Myall River Sunset 2

Winda Woppa

Jimmy's Beach

Helmut's Oranges

Fitzroy Falls

Green Valley

Green Valley 2

MacMahon's Point


Opera House

Martin Place

Sydney skyline

Towra Point

Newtown brickworks

Circular Quay

Opera House 2


Milson's Point

Hailstorm 1

Hailstorm 2

Hailstorm 3

Afghanistan 1

Afghanistan 2

Afghanistan 3