Alien Attack IV

Screen Shots
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Title screen

Loading screen

Space base hallway

Upgrade computer --- Buy mode

Upgrade computer --- Sell mode

Mission briefing

Three turrets and one Class Alpha fighter are attacking.

A battleship is being reinforced by two Beta bombers.

A turret is coming on screen

We're getting hit!

We're dead! A Charlie fighter comes in to survey the scene.

We've started over. This Alpha fighter is about to get smacked...

Ka-boom! It's gone.

Next victim...

Boom! It's dead too.

Yet another Alpha fighter bites the dust.

This guy's about to get hit by a Class Green missile.

Blam! Sparks fly.

Our auto-tracking laser-cannon can shoot two streams of laser bullets at the same time.

Is this gun fun or what? ... but this is getting boring. Let's go find some more interesting targets.

Whoa! Alpha bombers have arrived. Their dual fireball cannons are quite dangerous.

Uh oh... they're coming in numbers now. Do they ever run out of bullets?

How many are there? Man, it's getting hot out here!

Our shields are diminishing at an alarming rate.

Oof! We've gotten killed! --again.

Let's read the story.

Maybe the instructions will help a bit.

We're starting a new game! Let's go have another crack at killing those nasty aliens.

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