CNA 2001 Summer School




Phase Field Modeling of Microstructure Evolution

James Warren

ABSTRACT: An overview of the phase-field method for modeling alloy solidification and grain growth is presented together with several example results. To model solidification, we use a phase-field variable and its corresponding governing equation to describe the state (solid or liquid) in a material as a function of position and time. Then the diffusion equations for heat and solute can be solved without tracking the liquid-solid interface. The interfacial regions between liquid and solid involve smooth, but highly localized variations of the phase-field variable. The method has been applied to a wide variety of problems including dendritic growth in pure materials, dendritic, eutectic and peritectic growth in alloys and solute trapping during rapid solidification. In addition, the method has also been applied to grain growth, and a whole host of other microstructural evolution phenomena. Depending on time, discussion of additional moving boundary problems which can be attacked with the phase field method will be addressed.

Dr. James A. Warren
Director (Acting), Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science
Theoretical Physicist, Metallurgy Division
Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology

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