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Math 301 Homework Assignments

Note: These assignments are subject to revision during the term; please check this page regularly for updates.

Updated 10/10/17

Homework 1

Problem Set
We will be done covering the material you need for this homework by Friday September 1. This homework is due by Wednesday September 6 at noon.

Homework 2

Problem Set
Due Wednesday September 13 at noon, by email. Problems 2-4 should be done with inclusion-exclusion (do not try to use inclusion-exclusion for problem 1!).

Homework 3

Problem Set Due Wednesday September 20 at noon, by email. NOTE: For problem 1, the sum should either start at n=1 or we should define the 0'th harmonic number to be 0.

Homework 4

Problem Set
Due Wednesday October 4 at noon. NOTE: I made a mistake doing the calculation for number 1. There are two different answers depending on whether n is odd or even, and in both cases you should get something slightly better than what the problem asks for.

Homework 5

Problem set
Due Wednesday October 11 at noon on Canvas.

Homework 6

Problem set
Due Wednesday October 18 by noon on Canvas.

Homework 7

Homework 8

Homework 9

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