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About me.

I am a math PhD student in the Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization group at Carnegie Mellon University. My recent research has involved applying topological methods to problems in combinatorics and other areas. I am also interested in type theory, formal verification, and automated reasoning.

I study math because I find it beautiful in its simplicity and complexity; as a Christian, I find that math reflects in a fundamental way the glory of God in all of creation. As Proverbs says, "It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out."

Before beginning my PhD studies, I graduated from Princeton in '13 and taught calculus and computer science for three years at Charles E. Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina. My wife Allie is a pediatrics resident at the UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. She enjoys taking photos and has a photography website here.


A nonlinear Lazarev-Lieb theorem: L^2-orthogonality via motion planning (pdf)
With Florian Frick.
2019, preprint.

New graceful diameter-6 trees by transfers (pdf)
2015, manuscript.

The Graceful Tree Conjecture: a class of graceful diameter-6 trees (pdf)
2013, undergraduate senior thesis.

A game.

I made a game to introduce the Graceful Tree Conjecture, the topic of my undergraduate thesis. The goal is to label the vertices of the tree with the numbers 0 through n, so that the differences along the edges are exactly the numbers 1 through n. Click a vertex of the tree to focus it, and click a number at the bottom to insert it into the tree. Source code is here.

gtree: Level 1