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Math 21-350 Spring 2017
Combinatorial Coloring

Updated 5 April 2017

Due 24 February 2017: Spend some time (no more than an hour! Don't go crazy!) looking for the hole in Kempe's proof. If you can't find it in particular, where do you think it lies? Which step(s) seem suspect to you? If you can find the hole, demonstrate it. If not, write a bit about where you think the proof is lacking, or what seems fishy.

Due 3 March 2017

Due 24 March 2017

Due 7 April 2017

Due 5 May 2017: Write a few paragraphs of reflection about this course. What topics were interesting to you? Which ones less so? As you know, this course was a little last-minute, so your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for a fun semester!