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Math 21-101 Spring 2016
Freshman Seminar: The Hadwiger-Nelson problem

Updated 19 February 2016

Due 1/13: Write a short response to the gumdrop project from class. If you were able to find a solution (i.e., a structure that satisfied all the rules, requiring 4 colors and laying flat on the table), draw your solution and explain why it is right. If you were unable to find a solution, draw some of the things you tried, discuss your strategy, and why you think your attempts didn't work.

Due 1/15: PDF LaTeX

Due 1/20: PDF LaTeX

Due 1/25: PDF LaTeX

Due 1/27: PDF LaTeX

Due 2/1: PDF LaTeX

Due 2/8:PDF LaTeX

Due 2/12: PDF LaTeX

Due 2/17: PDF LaTeX

Due 2/22: PDF LaTeX