Mary Radcliffe

Office: 8124 Wean

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Educational Background

Research Interests

Graph theory, random graphs, discrete random matrices, additive combinatorics, extremal combinatorics

Publications (accepted)

  1. Connectivity and giant components of Stochastic Kronecker Graphs (with S. Young). Journal of Combinatorics 6(4) (2015), 457-482.
  2. The spectra of multiplicative attribute graphs (with S. Young). Linear Algebra and its Applications 462 (2014), 39-58.
  3. On the spectra of general random graphs (with F. Chung) Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 18(1) (2011), P215.
  4. Giant components in Kronecker graphs (with P. Horn) Random Structures and Algorithms 40(3) (2012), pp. 385-397.
  5. Irregular colorings of graphs (with P. Zhang) Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications. 49 (2007) 41-59.
  6. On irregular colorings of graphs (with P. Zhang) AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics. 3 (2006) 175-191.
  7. On the irregular chromatic number of a graph (with F. Okamoto and P. Zhang) Congressus Numerantium. 181 (2006) 129-150.

Preprints (under review)

  1. On expansion of Gn, d with respect to Gm, d (with I. Dumitriu). Preprint.
  2. A linear k-fold Cheeger inequality (with F. Kenter). Preprint.
  3. Bounds on Geometric Eigenvalues of Graphs (with C. Williamson). Preprint.

Works in preparation

  1. Connectivity and giant components in random distance graphs (with J. Flynn and B. Oshiro).
  2. On the diameter of randomly perturbed connected graphs (with S. Young).
  3. Giant components in Multiplicative Attribute Graphs (with S. Young).
  4. A k-fold Cheeger inequality (with F. Kenter)


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