Project: Application of Linear Programming in the Airline Industry
Fleet Assignment Problem
Option II
Models and Methods of Optimization, Fall 1999

Overview of Project

Each student will utilize the LP model described in the article "Applying Integer Linear Programming to the Fleet Assignment Problem" to determine the most cost effective fleet assignment for a given flight schedule. The student will then write a report discussing the results. The project will be graded primarily on the final project report, due on Monday, November 29, 1999. Details of the requirements of the final project report and grading criteria are described below.

The article, "Applying Integer Linear Programming to the Fleet Assignment Problem," by Jeph Abara appears in Interfaces Vol. 19, No. 4, July-August 1989 (pp. 20-28). A copy of the article is on reserve at Hunt Library (behind the circulation desk on the 1st floor). Hunt Library also has a copy of the journal in the Bounded Journal section of the library on the 3rd floor.

The article abstract:

We formulated and solved the fleet assignment problem as an integer linear programming model, permitting assignment of two or more fleets to a flight schedule simultaneously. The objective function can take a variety of forms including profit maximization, cost minimization, and the optimal utilization of a particular fleet type. Several departments at American Airlines use the model to assist in fleet planning and schedule development. It will become one of the 10 key decision modules for the next generation scheduling system currently being developed by American Airlines Decision Technologies.

Project Timeline

Note: Aside from the Optional Consultation with Instructor, any discussion of individual projects with the instructor shall be done during the instructor's office hours.

Final Project Report Requirements

The final project report is due at the beginning of lecture on Monday, November 29, 1999. The typed reports should consist of the following sections:

Project Grading Criteria

Each student is responsible for turning in a final project report which shall be solely the work of him/herself. No collaboration with anyone other than the instructor or one of the TAs is allowed. Any violation of this shall be dealt with according to university regulations. The project grade will be calculated from the final project report, worth 100 points, described below. For each day the project is late, 10 points will be deducted from the project score.

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