Po-Shen Loh (using Sound Blaster library written by Ethan Brodsky).

Game description:

Alien Attack is a space shooter game. Your ship flies around the screen, where you can shoot at asteroids. There are three sizes of asteroids. When you shoot the large asteroids, they split up into three medium size asteroids. When you shoot the medium asteroids, they split up into three small asteroids. Small asteroids just explode when you shoot them. Whenever an asteroid explodes and splits up, there is a small chance that goodies will come out. The goodies will be either shield bonuses or money. There are many upgrades to purchase with the money. Screen Shots See a spectacular screen shot!

Some weapon upgrades include:

Some other upgrades include:

Download! Download

Click here to download Alien Attack. It will come as a 300K zipfile (approximate).

How did I come up with this idea?

I came up with this idea because I wanted to write a game, and I had seen many similar games. I thought that this might be possible to write myself. So, I began coding about a month ago.

Future development?

I will be writing in C++ from now on, and since this program was written in Pascal, I will not be working on this program after school goes out. However, I will probably be releasing Alien Attack II next June. It will be a vast improvement, as I will be using C++ to write it. (C++ has many useful tools available to add fancy stuff.)


I, the author of this program, did not agree to any release of the source code, in full or in part. Please E-Mail me if the source code is distributed via this page or a link of it.

Last updated 29 August 1999.
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