21-341: Linear Algebra

Homework #4:

Reading Assignment: for Week #4
Monday: Section 2.7
Wednesday: Section 2.8
Friday: Section 2.9

Exercises: Due at the start of class on Wednesday 19 February. (Exam #1 will be held on Wednesday 12 February.)

Section 2.7: #4, 5.
Section 2.8: #1af, 2, 3.
Section 2.9: #2af, 4ce, 5.

Note (1): A few students have pointed out that in Section 2.9 problem 3 does not have parts c and e. They have suggested that problem 4ce may have been what I intended. They may be right. I am stuck home today and don't have a copy of the book with me. First thing Tuesday morning I will check this and post another update.

Note (2): Those students were correct. I've corrected the assignment above to reflect the change. If anyone needs extra time to complete problem 2.4.4ce, they can turn in that *one problem* on Friday, with no penalty. The rest of the assignment should be turned in on Wednesday, as usual.