21-260: Differential Equations
Schedule and Homework

For each week there will be a link to a page with a reading assignment and a homework assignment.

This schedule is tentative. It will get more accurate as the semester progresses. No week's topics should be taken as final until the homework is linked.

Week #1: 
Aug 28 - Sept 1
Differential Equations: Integrals as General and Particular Solutions
Separable Equations and Applications
Direction Fields and Solution Curves; Euler's Method
Week #2: 
Sept 4 - Sept 8
Numerical Approximation
Existence and Uniqueness
Linear First Order Equations

Administrative Note: Monday, September 4 is Labor Day. No Classes.
Week #3: 
Sept 11 - 15
Differential Equations and Mathematical Models; Population Models
Equilibrium Solutions and Stability
Week #4: 
Sept 18 - 22
First Order Systems and Applications
The Method of Elimination
Matrices and Linear Systems
Week #5: 
Sept 25 - 29
Matrices and Linear Systems
Exam #1 will be given in class on Friday, September 29. Here are the sections covered. Review problems will be forthcoming.
Week #6: 
Oct 2 - 6
Matrices and Linear Systems
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Week #7: 
Oct 9 - 13
The Eigenvalue Method for Homogeneous Systems
Multiple Eigenvalue Solutions
Week #8: 
Oct 16 - 20
Introduction: Second Order Linear Equations
General Solutions of Linear Equations
Homogeneous Equations with Constant Coefficients

Administrative note: Classes are canceled on Friday, October 20 and Monday, October 23 for the Mid-Semester Break.
Week #9: 
Oct 23 - 27
Mechanical Vibrations
Exam #2 will be given in class on Friday, October 27. Here are some review problems.
Week #10: 
Oct 30 - Nov 3
Nonhomogeneous Equations and the Method of Undetermined Coefficients
Forced Oscillations and Resonance
Stability and the Phase Plane

Administrative note: The deadline for dropping a course is Tuesday, October 31.
Week #11: 
Nov 6 - 10
Stability and the Phase Plane
Linear and Almost Linear Systems
Laplace Transforms and Inverse Transforms
Week #12: 
Nov 13 - 17
Transformation of Initial Value Problems
Translation and Partial Fractions
Derivatives, Integrals, and Products of Transforms
Week #13: 
Nov. 20 - 24
Periodic and Piecewise Linear Input Functions

Administrative note: Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 23. Classes will not meet on Wednesday, November 22 or Friday, November 24. 
Week #14: 
Nov 27 - Dec 1
Impulses and Delta Functions
Periodic Functions And Trigonometric Series
General Fourier Series and Convergence

Exam #3 will be given in class on Friday, December 1. Here are some review problems.
Week #15: 
Dec 4 - 8
Fourier Sine and Cosine Series
Applications of Fourier Series
Heat Conduction and Separation of Variables
Week #16: 
Dec 11 - 15
Vibrating Strings and the One-Dimensional Wave Equation
Steady-State Temperature and Laplace's Equation
Administrative note: Tuesday, December 12 is the last day of class. 

The Final Exam will be given on Thursday, December 21, from 8:30am to 11:30am in DH 2315. Here are some review problems.

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