21-126: Introduction to Mathematical Computing


Homework will be assigned for each week, and turned in by 5:00 on Monday.

Each student will be allowed to have at most one late homework assignment during the semester. The late homework will be accepted up to seven days after the due date, with or without excuse, and without penalty. No other late homeworks will be accepted---even with an excuse. There will be absolutely no exceptions to these rules.

Grading policy

The final grade for the course will be determined by your performance on the homework. Your average grade will be computed after dropping your lowest homework grade. Letter grades will then be assigned as follows:
              A:   >85 
              B:  75-84
              C:  65-74
              D:  50-64
	      R:   <49 

Adjustments to this scheme may be made if there is some operator-error in making up the tests.