21-122: Integration, Differential Equations and Approximation

Scheduling Information:

The Exam will be held on Monday 23 October.
Lecture 1: 8:30-9:20 in McConomy Auditorium (in the University Center).
Lecture 2: 9:30-10:20 in McConomy Auditorium (in the University Center).

Review Session:
Time: Sunday 22 October, 6:00-7:30pm.
Place: DH 2315.

Pulak Goswami will also be holding a review session on Saturday afternoon, from 5:00-6:30 in DH 2315.
Office Hours: I'll post any changes for next week.

Homework: You may pick up your graded HW#7 (as well as earlier homeworks, if you have not already done so) from your TA during Recitation on Tuesday, or during their office hours.

Exam #2 Review:


Section 8.3 (Pressure).
Section 8.4 (Blood Flow).
Section 8.5.
Section 9.1.
Section 9.2.
Section 9.3.
Section 9.4.
Population modeling, including the Logistic equation.

Exercises: Remember, no calculators, laptop computers, cybernetic implants, etc. will be allowed for the exam. When working on these problems you should focus on techniques involving only pencil, paper, and your (biological) brain.

Section 8.3 #5, 7, 13, 15, 17.
Section 8.4 #13.
Section 8.5 #3, 7, 9.
Section 9.1 #1, 3, 7, 9, 11.
Section 9.2 #1, 7, 11, 13, 19, 23.
Section 9.3 #3, 9, 11, 15, 19.
Section 9.4 #1, 3, 9, 13.

Previous Exam Problems: TBA.

All of these problems (or versions of them) were given as 21-122 exam problems in a previous semester. (Actually they were give as problems in 21-117, when 21-122 was taught as two separate mini courses, 21-117 and 21-118. Anyway, they should give you a good idea of the type of problem I'll be likely to write the exam.)
Here is the reference table you will be given to use during the exam. It's the same as for the last exam, and there is probably a lot of stuff you won't need, but the trig identities could be helpful.