21-117: Integration and Differential Equations

Here are the steps you should follow to use the program "dfield5" mentioned in class.
  1. Go to a UNIX cluster (such as WeH 5201 or 5202).
  2. Log on to your Andrew account.
  3. Open Netscape and follow this link to the page with the software.
  4. Go to the section of the page labeled "For use with version 5 of MATLAB".
  5. Click on "dfield5.m". This will bring you to a page containing the text of the MATLAB routine. You need to save this in your home directory...
  6. Under the File menu, choose "Save As...". Save the file in your home directory with the name `dfield5.m'.
  7. Open an Xterm window. Make sure you are still in your home directory.
  8. Type "matlab" and return.
  9. When you get a Matlab prompt, type "help dfield5" for a short description of the program. Then type "dfield5" to run the program.