Clifford Smyth

I'm a mathematician at Carnegie Mellon University interested in discrete math, combinatorics, computer science, and combinatorial geometry.


6218 Wean Hall
1 412 268 8486
1 412 268 6380 (fax)
csmyth "at" andrew "dot" cmu "dot" edu


701 Discrete Mathematics
484 Graph Theory
441 Number Theory
301 Combinatorial Analysis
228 Discrete Mathematics



Instructor in Applied Mathematics, M.I.T.

May 2005

Co-Organizer with Oleg Pikhurko, WaterMellon Workshop on Extremal Graph Theory


Organizer, Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization (ACO) Seminar


Zeev Nehari Visiting Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University


Member, School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study

May 2001

PhD in mathematics, advisor Michael Saks, Rutgers University

May 2001

Rutgers Math Department Chair's Teaching Award

May 2001

Rutgers University Graduate School Research Award


The conjectures of Rudich, Tardos, and Kusner
PhD Thesis, Rutgers University, 2001
A dual version of Reimer's inequality and a proof of Rudich's conjecture
with Jeffry Kahn, and Michael Saks
in Proc. Conf. Comp. Compl. (Florence, 2000), pp.98-103, IEEE, Los Alamitos, 2000.
A dual version of Reimer's inequality and a proof of Rudich's conjecture
with Jeffrey Kahn and Michael Saks
expanded version, submitted.
Reimer's inequality and Tardos' conjecture
Equilateral sets and Kusner's conjecture
Long monotone paths in line arrangements
with Balogh, Jozsef; Regev, Oded; Steiger, William; Szegedy, Mario
Disc. & Comput. Geom. 32 (2004), no. 2. 167-176.
The hardness of 3-uniform hypergraph coloring
with Dinur, Irit; and Regev, Oded
Combinatorica, to appear.

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