Department of Mathematics

21-120 Differential & Integral Calculus, Summer II, 2004

Instructor: Caner Kazanci, WEH 6207, ext. 8-3187,

Text: Calculus, Early Transcendentals, by James Stewart, 5th edition, Brooks/Cole, 2003

Course Website:

Office hours: Office hours are everyday at 10:30 - 11:20am, or anytime by appointment.

Introduction: The laws of the universe are written in the language of mathematics. Algebra is sufficient to solve many static problems, but the most interesting phenomena involve change and are described only by equations that relate changing quantities. In our course; we will cover differentiation, integration and their applications.

Homework: Almost all lectures will be based on the previous one, so I strongly recommend that you study daily on your own. To encourage this, there will be daily homework assignments and pop quizes. Students may discuss homework assignments with eachother; however, each student should write up his or her own solutions. No late homework will be accepted. Homeworks are due 4pm everday and you can drop them in my mailbox at Wean Hall 6113. No make-ups will be given for missed quizes, but your lowest quiz score will be dropped.

Evaluation: There will be four tests (two for each mini) on the following dates:

Exam 1. Wednesday, July 7; Time 9:00am; Room WEH 8427
Exam 2. Thursday, July 15; Time 9:00am; Room WEH 8427
Exam 3. Friday, July 23; Time 9:00am; Room WEH 8427
Exam 4. Friday, August 6; Time 9:00am; Room WEH 8427

The standards of academic honesty as stated in the Students Handbook will be enforced. You won't need to use any calculators or computers so they won't be permitted on the tests. The components of the course will be weighted as follows in determining the course grade for each mini:
Homeworks 30%
First Test 30%
Second Test 30%
Quiz Grades 10%
Make-up exams: Make-ups for the exams will only be given for documented reasons of illness, family emergency, or participation in a University sponsored event. Make up exams may be oral. Please try to arrange a make-up at the earliest possible time if one seems appropriate.