Majoring in Computational Finance

In order to major in computational finance, a student must apply and be accepted into the program. An application consists of a resume and a one-page essay explaining the student's interest in finance, what that student has done to pursue that interest, and how the Computational Finance major fits with the student's career plan. You will also be asked to release your academic record for the admissions committee to review. Click the link below to open the online application form.


In evaluating applications, the committee considers the student's aptitude for mathematics, ability to communicate effectively, understanding of finance careers, and their demonstrated interest in finance. Students will be evaluated on their academic performance, and on their ability to effectively comminicate their understanding of finance and the finance industry in a one-page essay. After an initial screening of written applications, stroong candidates will be invited to a 20 minute interview with the admissions committee.

Students seeking admission should first take three or four mathematics courses and have a high B average or better in these courses. Most students apply in the second semester of the sophomore year while taking the course 21-270 Introduction to Mathematical Finance. Applications are accepted each semester just after the mid-semester break or spring break. Admissions decisions are announced before registration for the subsequent semester.