Issues for Deitrich College Students

Some Deitrich College students may be interested in adding Computational Finance as a second major. These students must take care to balance the requirements of the BSCF curriculum with the requirements of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The standard BSCF curriculum would require any interested DC student to deviate from the DC Gen ed program to such an extent that s/he would be behind in DC requirements if not accepted to the Comp Finance major. This course sequence for DC students attempts to balance these requirements. It is true that any student following this plan who is not accepted to the program would have taken several courses that might not be needed for the alternative major they'd choose. Nonetheless, it would still be possible for an DC student who is not accepted to this major in 2nd semester of sophomore year to choose another major and still graduate on time.

Deitich College students interested in pursuing the Computational Finance major or minor should consult with thier DC advisor and the BSCF advisor to craft a schedule that will keep them on track with all their requirements.