Selected Courses in Business and Management

70-122 Introduction to Accounting
Spring and Fall: 9 units

This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for the student to understand financial statements and financial records and make use of the information for management and investment decisions. Topics include an overview of financial statements and business decisions; the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement; sales revenue, receivables, and cash; cost of goods sold and inventory; long-lived assets and depreciation, and amortization; current and long-term liabilities; owners? equity; investments in other corporations; an introduction to financial statement analysis; and international issues dealing with financial statements.

70-391 Finance
Fall: 9 units

The course examines the role of the financial manager in the overall management and control of a firm. Stress is placed on the use of analytical models for improving the decision-making process. Both the short-term management of working capital and the long-term planning of capital structure and investment strategy are covered.

Prerequisites: (21-257 or 21-292), 70-122, (36-202, 36-226, 70-207, 36-247, or 36-310).

94-702 Professional Writing
6 Units

Communication in written form is an essential element of management. Employers value talent with an aptitude for the effective exchange of information and ideas. Accordingly, this course focuses on teaching transferable writing skills pertaining to content, organization, format, clarity, and tone. The course challenges students to convey critical thinking as they anticipate the perspectives of stakeholders in professional situations, consider feasibility, evaluate options, and provide recommendations. Class meetings entail readings, discussions, and editing sessions on the following topics: business correspondence, press releases, Web content, consulting reports, executive summaries and proposals. Coursework emphasizes precise, concise, persuasive writing based on authoritative sources. Overall, students are expected to demonstrate an interest in professional development beyond simply completing the assignments. Writing resources and sample documents are provided.

90-718 Strategic Presentation Skills
6 units

Strategic Presentation Skills provides practical instruction for preparing and delivering professional presentations. Activities and assignments include: impromptu speaking exercises, interview preparation, motivational speeches, instructional presentations, and a briefing. Students will target and engage specific audiences through a clear objective, tactical material, structured delivery, cohesive visual design, and a communication style (both verbal and nonverbal) suitable for workplace environments. Overall, the course will help students develop confidence as presenters and apply effective techniques when speaking in front of an audience.

94-700 Organizational Design and Implementation
Fall: 6 units

This course draws on insights and knowledge about organizational behavior with an eye toward using such information for managing in complex organizations. It is intended to provide managers with skills and perspectives that will enable them to work successfully in organizations. Specific topics will include work motivation, leadership, job design, biases in managerial decision making, understanding group processes, building bases of power in organizations, managing conflict, and the relationship between the organization and its environment.