Information Networks

MW 3.30--5.00 WEH8427

Information networks such as the World Wide Web are characterized by the interplay between heterogeneous content and a complex underlying link structure. This course covers recent research on methods for analyzing such networks, and models that abstract their basic properties. 

The course will begin with me talking about Game Theoretic Issues and then move on to me talking about Probabilistic Issues.

Subsequently, students are expected to give two presentations each. You should discuss possible topics individually with me. Each presentation should have an electronic version e.g. powerpoint of PDF. There is a web-site giving a proposed schedule:

Here is a list of courses from which we can draw material:

Kleinberg (Cornell): The Structure of Information Networks
Mihail (Georgia Tech): Algorithms for Complex Networks.
Grossglauser, Thiran (EPFL): Models and Methods for Random Networks
van der Hofstad (TU Eindhoven): Random Graphs and Complex Networks.
Watts (Columbia): Networks and Complexity in Social Systems.
Saberi (Stanford): Information Networks.
Aldous (Berkeley): Random Graphs and Complex Networks.