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Old Tests
D0 Introduction to counting problems
D1 Selection and Binomial Coefficients
D2 Properties of Binomial Coefficients
D3 Multi-sets and Multinomial Coefficients
D4 Counting grid paths and the ballot problem
D5 The pigeon-hole principle
D6 Discrete Probability 1: Events
D7 Discrete Probability 2: Boole's Inequality
D8 Discrete Probability 3: Conditional Probability
D9 Discrete Probability 4: Random Variables
D10 Discrete Probability 5: Inequalities
D11 Recurrence Relations 1: Linear Recurrences
D12 Recurrence Relations 2: Divide and Conquer
D13 Recurrence Relations 3: Partitions of sets
D14 Recurrence Relations 4: Derangements
D15 Recurrence Relations 5: Generating Functions
D16 Inclusion-Exclusion
D17 Graph Theory 1: Definitions
D18 Graph Theory 2: Paths, Walks and Bipartite Graphs
D19 Graph Theory 3: Trees
D20 Graph Theory 4: Euler tours and Hamilton cycles
D21 Graph Theory 5: Matchings
D22 Graph Theory 6: Ramsey Theory
D23 Graph Theory 7: Digraphs