21-241 Matrix Algebra

Fall 2003

Important: Do not make travel plans which require you to leave campus before 9 PM on Tuesday, Dec 16. Enrollment Services may schedule our Final Exam for as late as that evening. Hence you should make your travel plans under the assumption that you will have to be here, until you know for sure. If your parents will be making reservations for you, please keep them informed so that they do not make conflicting plans for you. No one will be permitted to take the Final Exam early.

Preliminary Suggestions

You are responsible for everything which occurs in every lecture. The course will go most smoothly for you if you commit yourself now to the following habits: (i) Decide that you will attend evey lecture unless something absolutely unavoidable happens. (ii) Later on the same day of a lecture, take a few minutes to review what we covered, to identify quickly any points on which you are confused. Seek immediate assistance through the professor or one of your chums in the class. (iii) Recognize that the exams will cover concepts emphasized in lecture; the emphasis given in your text to particular topics may be somewhat different. View the lecture as your primary source and the text as a supplementary resource. (iv) Spread your work on assignments over a week, rather than working on the problems all in one day. (v) Always pause for a moment after working a problem, not so much to check accuracy, but to look over your work in search of ways to simpify what you did, or argue differently, or ask if the method you used is applicable in more general contexts than the one from the problem you just did.

So are you ready? Let's have a great course!


The text for this course is Linear Algebra and its Applications, Third Edition, by David C. Lay.


Abraham Flaxman
Office: Wean Hall 7215
e-mail: abie@cmu.edu
Telephone: 268-7862
Office Hours: MTW 1:00 - 2:00, from Sept 2 to Dec 5, except Midsemester Break and Thanksgiving. Special Office Hours will be announced for the Final Exam period.

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