A conference in honor of Menachem Magidor's 60th Birthday

Jointly sponsored by the Mid Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar and UC Irvine.

University of California, Irvine. February 3-5 2006

       Menachem Magidor received his PhD in 1973
       under the direction of Azriel Levy.  He has
       published over fifty papers. His work in set
       theory includes seminal contributions to
       the study of large cardinals, cardinal arithmetic,
       infinitary logic, forcing axioms and saturated
       ideals. His work on non-monotonic logic has
       been very influential in computer science. 

       Prof Magidor is Professor of Mathematics at
       the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has
       just begun his third term as President of the
       Hebrew University.


       Schedule information (there are recent changes)

 Uri Abraham (Ben-Gurion University)

 Andres Caicedo (Caltech)
       MAMLS travel and lodging support

 Ilijas Farah (York University)

 Moti Gitik (Tel Aviv University)
       Hotel information

 Tetsuya  Ishiu (University of Kansas)

 Thomas Jech  (Mathematical Institute of the ASCR)

 Peter Komjath (Eotvos University)

 Bill Mitchell (University of Florida)
       Transportation from the hotel: vans will

 Justin Moore (Boise State University)
       be at the hotel at 1230 Friday for transport

 Assaf Sharon (University of California, Irvine)
       to the opening session

 Richard Shore (Cornell University)

 Jouko  Vaananen (University of Helsinki)

Arthur Apter (Baruch College of CUNY)
James Cummings (Carnegie Mellon University)
       James Cummings (jcumming@andrew.cmu.edu)
Matt Foreman (University of California, Irvine)