Appalachian set theory Appalachian set theory

Saturday, November 5, 2016

9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. with coffee and lunch breaks

Carnegie Mellon University

Lectures in Doherty 2302

Refreshments in Wean Hall 6220

Breakfast and coffee starting at 8:30

Maryanthe Malliaris : "Cofinality spectrum problems: 𝔭, 𝔱 and model theory"


The workshop will motivate and go through the main proofs of the recent Malliaris-Shelah paper "Cofinality spectrum theorems in model theory, set theory and general topology."

Although this is a technical paper, at its core is a series of natural ideas and images, and the aim of the workshop will be to explain this core as directly as possible.

We will see why the two problems solved by the paper, that 𝔭=𝔱 and that SOP2 is maximal in Keisler's order, can be seen as instances of a more fundamental problem involving a comparison of orders and trees, and we will go through the main steps in the analysis of these so-called cofinality spectrum problems. Along the way we will discuss the larger picture of Keisler's order along with some model-theoretic classification theory.

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