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Undergraduate Courses 21-241
Matrices and Linear Transformations

Spring and Fall: 10 units

A first course in linear algebra intended for scientists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. Students will be required to write some straightforward proofs. Topics to be covered: complex numbers, real and complex vectors and matrices, rowspace and columnspace of a matrix, rank and nullity, solving linear systems by row reduction of a matrix, inverse matrices and determinants, change of basis, linear transformations, inner product of vectors, orthonormal bases and the gram-schmidt process, eigenvectors and eigenvalues, diagonalization of a matrix, symmetric and orthogonal matrices. 3 hrs. lec., 1 hr. rec

Prerequisites:     None.

Corequisites:     None.

Cross Listed Courses:     None.

Notes:     This course does not have a prerequisite. It is strongly recommended though that students registering for this course have taken 21-127 Concepts of Math.