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Undergraduate Courses 21-131
Analysis I

Fall: 10 units

An enriched first course in calculus which includes a greater concentration on the foundations of the subject. Recommended for students with some prior background in calculus and who seek a deeper calculus course. Functions, limits, continuity; the Intermediate Value Theorem; the Riemann integral; the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; integrability of continuous functions; the derivative and its significance; product rule, quotient rule, chain rule; Mean Value Theorem; inverse functions. 3 hrs. lec., 2 hrs. rec.

These courses (21-131/132) are designed for the best prepared and academically ambitious Freshmen. Completing them will give the students earlier access to advanced mathematics courses, including Mathematical Studies.

The text for this course is very different from the usual text. Check out Apostol's Calculus!