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Areas of Research

Applied Analysis and Scientific ComputingCalculus of variations; Oscillations, microstructure, Homogenization; Nonlinear problems related to materials; Optimal transport; Partial differential equations; Numerical analysis; Dynamics in fluids and kinetic models

Irene Fonseca, Mellon College of Science University Professor of Mathematics,
   Director of Center for Nonlinear Analysis
William J. Hrusa, Professor
Gautam Iyer, Associate Professor
David Kinderlehrer, Alumni Professor of Mathematical Sciences,
    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Giovanni Leoni, Professor
Roy Nicolaides, Professor
Robert Pego, Professor
Hayden Schaeffer, Assistant Professor
Jack Schaeffer, Professor
Robert F. Sekerka, University Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Dejan Slepčev, Associate Professor
Shlomo Ta'asan, Professor
Ian Tice, Assistant Professor
Noel J. Walkington, Professor

Discrete Mathematics and Operations ResearchAlgebraic methods; Extremal set theory; Graph theory and Random Graphs; Matroids; Probabilistic method; Ramsey theory; Interior Point Methods for Linear Programming.

Egon Balas, Thomas Lord University Professor of Operations Research
Tom Bohman, Alexander M. Knaster Professor and Department Head
Boris Bukh, Assistant Professor
Gerard Cornuejols, IBM University Professor of Operations Research
Alan Frieze, Professor
Po-Shen Loh, Associate Professor
Wesley Pegden, Assistant Professor

LogicAutomated theorem proving; Lambda-calculus and combinatory logic; Model theory; Semantics of programming languages; Set theory; Set Theoretic Algebra; Type theory.

Clinton Conley, Assistant Professor
James Cummings, Professor
Rami Grossberg, Professor
Ernest Schimmerling, Professor
Richard Statman, Professor

Probability and Mathematical FinanceDiffusion approximations of queueing systems; Mathematical theory of finance; Stochastic control; Stochastic differential equations; Viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations.

Dmitry Kramkov, Mellon College of Science Professor of Mathematical Finance
Kasper Larsen, Associate Professor
John P. Lehoczky, Professor of Statistics and Mathematics
Agoston Pisztora, Associate Professor
Steven E. Shreve, Orion Hoch University Professor of Mathematical Sciences