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Math Colloquium
Walter Noll
Carnegie Melllon University
Title: SPECIAL EVENT: Improving the Infrastructure of Mathematics

Abstract: Students, mathematicians, physicists and engineers are especially encouraged to attend.

By infrastructure I mean the concepts, terminology, and notations used in the daily work of mathematicians and people who use mathematics, such as physicists and engineers.

I believe that much or the time, the infrastructure used today is sclerotic and needs radical improvement. For example, much or the presently used infrastructure uses independent and dependent variables related by a function, and also matrices and coordinates.

A more precise and less ambiguous infrastructure is based on mappings with domain and codomain, a much more extensive use of linear and multilinear algebra, and mathematical structures.

Some such improvement were introduced by Juan Schaffer and me when we taught Mathematical Studies between 1968 and 1993 and then again in the academic year 2008-09. ( Course Notes )

I will talk for no more than half an hour and hope to start a debate about this issue.

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Time: 4:30 pm
Location: Wean Hall 7500
Submitted by:  Hrusa
Note: Discussion, debate and pizza to follow at 5:00pm