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Shlomo Ta'asan, Professor
Ph.D., The Weizmann Institute of Science
Office: Wean Hall 7216
Phone: 412-268-5582
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My research focuses on modeling and simulation of problems in material science and system biology. In materials, I am interested in grain growth where texture and grain boundary character are the main statistical properties. Their relations to material properties are one of the current efforts. Using inverse problem formulation in conjunction with HEDM data from R. Suter Lab I look into validation of classical models and their extensions. In addition I am interested in theories that bridge between models at the single grain level and theories for statistical properties. The work involves collaboration with D. Kinderlehrer and of materials science faculty at CMU.

In biology I am interested in system level problems related to immune response and physiology, especially the circulatory system. Real data from human subjects and animals is driving the questions and the mathematical approaches to be developed. Current interest include understanding of failure mechanisms in shock (hypovolemic and septic). I am interested in developing real time systems for monitoring and predicting instabilities based on mathematical models.

Selected Publications:

  • Kinderlehrer, D., Livshits, I., Manolache, F., Rollett, A. D., and Ta'asan, S., Mesoscale simulation of grain growth (Proc. Symp. Y. MRS Fall 2000, to appear).
  • B. Chough and S. Ta'asan, From Molecular Dynamics to Navier-Stokes and Beyond. Computational Aerosciences in the 21st Century. Kluwer Acedemic Publishers 2000.
  • Arian, E. and Ta'asan S., Analysis of the Hessian for aerodynamics optimization: Inviscid flows. Computers and Fluids 28 (1999) 853877.
  • Haras, Z. and Ta'asan S., The large scale discretization method for time dependent partial differential equations. Computers and Fluids 28 (1999), 573602.
  • Ta'asan S., From molecular dynamics to continuum models, in Multigrid Methods VI, Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering No 14, E. Dick, K. Riemslagh, J. Viendeels, eds.), Springer, 1999.
  • Adams, B.L., Ta'asan, S., Kinderlehrer, D., Livshits, I., Mason, D., Wu, C., Mullins, W.W., Rohrer, G.S., Rollett, A.D., Saylor, D., Extracting grain boundary energy from triple junction measurement, Interface Science, 7, 321338.
  • Adams, B.L., Kinderlehrer, D., Mullins, W.W., Rollett, A.D., and Ta'asan, S. 1998 Extracting the relative grain boundary free energy and mobility functions from the geometry of microstructures, Scripta Materiala, 38.4, 531536

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