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Tom Bohman, Alexander M. Knaster Professor, Department Head
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Office: Wean Hall 6113
Phone: 412-268-2545
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My field of research is extremal and probabilistic combinatorics, and I work on discrete mathematical problems inspired by a diverse collection of perspectives. These include mathematical disciplines as well as information theory (which has a very strong connection with extremal set theory), statistical physics and theoretical computer science. Recently, I have been interested in the Shannon capacities of odd cycles, 'guided' versions of the standard random graph model, randomized network algorithms, list-coloring problems for graphs, and hypergraph discrepancy.

Selected Publications:

  • Avoiding a giant component (with A. Frieze), Random Structures and Algorithms, to appear.
  • Six lonely runners (with R. Holzman and D. Kleitman), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, to appear.
  • On partitions of discrete boxes (with N. Alon, R. Holzman and D. Kleitman), Discrete Mathematics, to appear.
  • Random threshold growth dynamics (with J. Gravner), Random Structures and Algorithms 15 (1999), 93111.
  • Discrete threshold growth dynamics are omnivorous for box neighborhoods, Transactions of the AMS 351 (1999), 947983.
  • A sum packing problem of Erdos and the Conway Guy Sequence, Proceedings of the AMS 124 (1996), 36273636.