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Po-Shen Loh, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University
Office: Wean Hall 6208
Phone: 412-268-2548
Personal web site


Po-Shen's research considers a variety of topics that lie at the intersection of Combinatorics (the study of discrete systems), Probability, and Computer Science. Randomness often manifests itself in the construction of a combinatorial system or algorithm, as in the case of a so-called "random graph", but intriguingly, it may also be artificially introduced as a proof technique to analyze purely deterministic systems, an approach pioneered by Paul Erdős. A full list of publications is available here.

Outreach / Olympiad

Po-Shen also engages in outreach efforts at the pre-college level, as the Academic Director of the United States Mathematical Olympiad Program. A former International Mathematical Olympiad Silver Medalist himself, he has coached our national finalists as far back as 2002. He is now the national lead coach for the United States of America.