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Tim Flaherty, Associate Teaching Professor
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Office: Wean Hall 8216
Phone: 412-268-8171


As an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, I am involved with the teaching and academic development of a variety of courses, including our calculus sequence, vector calculus, and matrix algebra. In addition, I have implemented the use of online tools to supplement these courses. I am also involved in the teaching and development of two courses involving math software: Introduction to Math Software, and Symbolic Programming Methods. My main research interests involve wavelets, fractals, image compression, and tilings. Recently I have been studying Haar-type multitiles in multiple dimensions and potential applications in image and data compression. On occasion, I teach Topics in Analysis, within which these areas of mathematics are addressed. A look at me in action!

Selected Publications:

  • Timothy J. Flaherty and Yang Wang, Haar-Type Multiwavelet Bases and Self-Affine Multi-Tiles, Asian Journal of Math., Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 387-400, June 1999.