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Deborah Brandon, Associate Teaching Professor
Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University
Office: Wean Hall 6122
Phone: 412-268-2552


In addition to her regular teaching duties, Deborah Brandon is the teaching assistant (TA) supervisor for the Department of Mathematical Sciences. In this capacity, she runs a TA training workshop, as well as an international TA training workshop (for incoming international graduate students who need to pass an English language test before they become TAs). She is also the director of the SUAMI (Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute)--an annual outreach program of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Selected Publications:

  • (with I. Fonseca and P. Swart), Oscillations in a dynamical model of phase transitions, Proc. Royal Soc. Edin., 131A, (2001) 5981
  • (with T. Lin and R. C. Rogers), Phase transitions and hysteresis in nonlocal and order-parameter models, Meccnica, 30, (1995) 541565.
  • (with R. C. Rogers), The coercivity paradox and nonlocal ferromagnetism, Continuum Mech. Thermodyn., 4, (1992), 121.
  • Global existence and asymptotic stability for a nonlinear integrodifferential equation modelling heat flow, SIAM J. Math. Anal., 22, (1991), 72106.